Mercado de Motores

Hay domingos cuando el mejor plan que puedes tener es quedarte en casa y ver un a peli debajo de una manta. Este domingo era uno de esos días. Pero últimamente no tomo mi dosis de Madrid tan a menudo así que he salido a la calle que me esperaba con una lluvia intensa. Últimamente los mercados vintage son muy populares en Madrid y uno de referencia es el Mercado de Motores, donde profesionales y particulares se dan cita un fin de semana al mes para dar a conocer sus productos. Desde alimentos naturales de la zona hasta muebles de otra época, puedes encontrar de todo. Si buscas un regalo original este es el sitio perfecto para encontrarlo. Las siguientes ediciones de este mercado se van a celebrar el 8-9 de Marzo, 12-13 de Abril y 10-11 de Mayo.


Design: The decay of movie posters

Do you remember the days when you used to hang movie posters in your room? I didn’t do that myself as I was always a fan of simplicity and minimalism but I’m sure many of you did that. If you would do the same thing today you would have a problem. The problem consists in the complete lack of inspiration and originality in creating the posters.

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December in Rome

I’ll be honest here: I had a bad impression about Rome. It was generally based on what some of the people I know have told me about it. “Lots of garbage on the streets” they said. Well, it cannot be worse than Madrid with the cleaning strike or worse than normal Madrid with all of the budget cuts. “They are lot of beggars and street delinquents” they said. Isn’t all Europe full of them? At least most of them understand Romanian and you can (try to) spook them off. “There is lot of noise and crappy traffic” is another phrase I heard a lot. Really? Did someone expect different from a country capital? Click here to view the rest of this post »

New beginning

It’s been a couple of years now since I stopped blogging here. It was a great ride but it led nowhere. Maybe because I wasn’t constant enough, who knows. I had this domain abandoned so I decided to bring it back to life again.

I decided I wanted to have a blog again where from time to time I could post personal stuff, opinions, photos, videos. I changed the layout to this clean and minimal design. I hope you like it. I’ve also disabled the comments on the whole site. Why you ask? It’s not because I don’t value your opinions, it’s because I care too much for design and I think nowadays there’s plenty of ways to get your thoughts to me: Twitter, Facebook, mail.  Don’t expect daily posts, I’ll write as I feel the need to. It will be in English, Spanish and Romanian depending on the possible audience for the post and on my mood.

So sit back and enjoy this new ride.